Take a fresh look at the power of written terms and conditions for your business...

Make your business richer and protect it when things go wrong

A good set of terms and conditions and associated documentation, if properly used, will liberate the following financial and business benefits:

  1. protect against the loss of profit
  2. provide reservation of title until goods are paid for
  3. provide indemnity from potential liabilities
  4. enable charges to be imposed for late payment
  5. help resolve disputes and unpaid accounts much faster Read more...

Supercharge your credit management process

Your bespoke terms and conditions can liberate dramatic improvements to your business cashflow when implemented fully. Read More...

Recover money faster from delinquent debtors

The terms we write for you contain the ‘teeth' needed to pursue reluctant debtors. Read more...

Enjoy a commission-free debt collection service

A good set of terms and conditions can reduce or eliminate the costs of debt collection and the fees associated with any subsequent legal action. Read more...

Strengthen your competitive position

Your new terms and conditions can help you gain a distinct advantage over your competitors. Read more...

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